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11 Good Reasons to Date Someone Who Works in Customer Service

11 Good Reasons to Date Someone Who Works in Customer Service

24 Dec 10:00 by Deana Zafir


People who work in customer service line are known to be patient and highly intuitive - skills which we believe are transferable when it comes to the dating scene. Looking to find that perfect person - we recommend dating someone who works in customer service.

Alternatively, if you have a date lined up with someone who works in customer service, you may want to keep their number - we're sure you'll want to schedule a second date immediately after reading this article.


  1. They won't take "no" for an answer. Customer service talents are used to using the "either/or" closing statement at the end of each sentence, e.g. "Babe, do you want to eat at Sushi Express or PastaMania?" Which is great because you'll always be able to choose from two different options every single time you're on a date.


  2. They’re great at acting! It's quite hard to find out exactly how they're feeling since they're used to putting on a friendly and smiley demeanor instead of the traditional blackface every time something pisses them off. Win-win situation.
  3. He only speaks in positives. Lesser bad vibes with this one! But after spending a day sweet talking customers to close deals, or as part of their service recovery, so it's only natural for them to bring home the same attitude.

  4. Burpple and Google reviews matter to her. Dating can be tedious but rest be assured that every place you eat at will be filled with good food and great customer service.
  5. He can read you like the back of his hand. Customer service representatives often spend their day “reading” customers and deciphering their tone of voice. So the next time you’re mad at him, that little restraint at the end of your “oklah” could be a telling clue for him. What a great boyfriend he’ll be!

  6. She'll always get her way. By persuading the heck out of you. After all, persuasiveness is a great skill to have when you work in customer service. FYI, persuasiveness helps accomplish various aim and objectives needed to succeed in customer service.
  7. They're patient! He'll wait hours for you to get glammed up and ready. He's trained for it (thanks to his job). Plus he'll probably be playing Mobile Legends, Maple Story, or watch Netflix on his phone anyways.

  8. They're humble but successful people. Since humility is a notable trait to have and survive when you work in customer service.
  9. They have a great voice! Have you ever heard a customer service representative with a horrible voice? We haven’t either! Now imagine that customer service provider voice whispering sweet nothings into your ear.

  10. They're not cheap. If you love to be wined and dined, consider dating someone who works in customer service. Impressing a date is a lot like impressing a client, they'll always make sure that you're getting the best of the best.
  11. They'll give you a reason to stay. You've made it past 8 dates - which is technically time to break out the slippers and spend your dates just Netflix and chilling, right? Or it's time to go on dates at McDonald's, right? Not for those in customer service. They'll keep the fire burning by impressing you consistently so that the honeymoon phase of your relationship is never over.
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