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The Best Jobs for Extroverts

The Best Jobs for Extroverts

29 Apr 16:00 by Deana Zafir

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To some, personality tests might be an inaccurate, non-factual way of classifying the different people in their lives. However, the Myers Briggs Personality Types (MBTI) can be a useful tool to help you find both your next career step or your dream career.

Don't know what the MBTI test is? Well, Isabel Myers, founder, and creator of the test believed that everyone on earth can be classified according to 16 Personalities. Each of the personalities is made out of one of four psychological functions (i.e. Sensation, Intuition, Feeling, Thinking), which drives each person.

Before we get started, it is best to read up more on the Myers Briggs Personality Types and the MBTI Test. This is the first half of out MBTI series, so keep an eye out for our second MBTI article soon!

Discovered your type? Let us help you debunk your dream career! (Don't identify as an Extrovert? Maybe our career read on introverted types would be more interesting to you!)

The Champion - ENFP
(Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceptive)


People with ENFP personality types are described as enthusiastic, independent, and creative individuals. People with this personality type have excellent social skills and strong empathy skills.

Things like routine and mundane tasks and challenges are elements that don’t mesh well with ENFPs. 

Ideal Jobs for ENFP’s

ENFP’s are individuals who receive satisfaction and success when they choose a career that takes advantage of their natural strengths, talents, and communication skills. 


Ideal jobs for Champions include:

  • Mental Health Counselors

  • Social Workers

  • Teachers

  • Human Resource Specialists

  • Customer Service Representatives

  • Recruiters

The Mentor - ENFJ 
(Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judgement)


ENFJs are energetic, driven, and idealist organizers, also known as the “mentor” personality. People with this personality type want to encourage others to discover and pursue the greater developments of their strengths. 

ENFJs are good communicators and enjoy helping others solve their personal problems.

Ideal Jobs for ENFJs

Individuals with this personality type seek out careers that are people centered with the potential for them to exercise some form of leadership.


Ideal positions for Mentors include:

  • Teacher

  • Special Education Teacher

  • Human Resources Manager

  • Market Research Analyst

  • Recruiter

  • Actor

  • Psychologist

  • Sociologist

  • Customer Service Executive

The Commander - ENTJ 
(Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging)


ENTJs are natural born leaders. They are articulate and prefer logical reasoning as it allows them to tap into the analytical part of their brain. Just like a military commander, individuals with this personality type are blunt and direct in their speech, preferring to be assertive.

Success and hard work motivate ENTJs. Commanders flourish in an environment that allows them to be goal-oriented and help lead change.

Ideal Jobs for ENTJ

Individuals with this personality type thrive in managerial and supervisory roles. They want structure in their work - which is why they thrive in workplaces driven by business and numbers.


Ideal positions for Commanders include:

  • Accountant/Auditor

  • Management (e.g. Advertising and Promotions Manager, Architectural Manager, Lodging Manager, Sales Manager)

  • Insurance Sales Agent

  • Sales Engineer

  • Sales Representatives

  • Coach

  • Roles in Computer and Information Technology (e.g. Information Security Analyst, Software Developer, Programmer)

  • Correctional Officer

The Provider - ESFJ  
(Extrovert, Sensing, Feeling, Judgmental)


Like the ENTJ, ESFJs value order. However, the ESFJ is a sensitive personality, and are often perceptive of their surroundings. Individuals with the provider personality like to get involved and help out others. However, the ESFJ does have some prominent weaknesses such as seeing things only in black and white, as these individuals stick to a strict moral code.

Those who stray away from this moral code will be met with judgment and brutal advice - but remember this is just the ESFJ’s method to promote harmony and make everyone get along.

Ideal Jobs for the ESFJ

Providers are the second more common personality type in the population. Individuals with this personality type have success in working with others. An ideal workplace environment would be one with a structured environment and clear expectations.


Ideal positions for Providers include:

  • Administrative positions (i.e. school administrator, healthcare administrator, receptionist, customer service representatives)

  • Event Coordinator

  • Public Relations Manager

  • Office Manager

  • HR Manager

  • Real Estate Agent

  • Insurance Agent

The Performer - ESFP 
(Extrovert, Sensing, Feeling, Perceptive)


To the ESFP, all the world’s a stage, and all ESFPs are merely players. Spontaneous, entertaining, and energetic, the Performer can be identified as a talkative person with a warm and inspiring enthusiasm for life. 


Ideal Jobs for the ESFP

Performers are a group of people who enjoy going with the flow. They do not enjoy strict rules and excessive official procedures, choosing a workplace/career that allows them to assist people with problems and/or demands of the present world. 


Ideal careers for Performers include:

  • Special Education Teacher

  • Various positions in therapy (i.e. occupational therapy, physical therapy, massage therapy)

  • Chef

  • Residential Counselor

  • Receptionist

  • Restaurant Host

The Entrepreneur - ESTP
(Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceptive)


You can easily identify someone with an ESTP personality from their explosive energy and a good sense of humor. Maybe that’s why the ESTP personality is also known as “The Dynamo”. Someone with this personality type can adapt to changing situations quickly and prefer a “hands-on” method of learning.

Online articles claim that people with ESTP are overrepresented in MBA (Masters of Business Administration), as well as the Marketing, Business, and Law Enforcement fields. Entrepreneurs do not like sitting down behind a desk for long, preferring a job that’s unpredictable and fun. These individuals look for careers where they are able to help solve problems on the spot. 

Ideal Jobs for ESTP

The ESTP seeks a career that allows them to take advantage of their athleticism and mechanical skills.


Ideal Positions for Entrepreneurs include:

  • Sales Engineer

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)

  • Insurance Agent

  • Military Officer

  • Police Officer

  • Mechanic

  • Forester

  • Airline Pilot

  • Flight Attendant


The Supervisor - ESTJ
(Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judgemental)


In case you’re wondering, yes, your boss is probably someone with an ESTJ personality type. ESTJ’s are hardworking traditionalists who put work and chores before fun and play. People with these personality types can often be found in leadership positions. Rank matters to Supervisors and they often seek out managerial positions.

At work, people with these personality types aim to create a reputation that they’re trustworthy and able to deliver on time.

Ideal Jobs for ESTJ 

The ESTJ seeks a career that allows them to take advantage of their athleticism and mechanical skills.


Ideal Positions for Entrepreneurs include:

  • Sales Engineer

  • Insurance Agent

  • Sales Manager

  • Real Estate Agent

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)

  • Civil Engineer

  • Mechanical Engineer

  • Industrial Engineer

  • Flight Engineer

  • School Principal

  • Military Officer

  • Police Officer

  • Paralegal

  • Attorney

The Visionary - ENTP

(Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceptive)


The ENTP is often described as clever, open-minded, and unconventional. Someone with this personality type seeks to understand complex people, systems, and the world that surrounds them. They need new challenges and will often refrain from doing the same task twice.

Visionaries refuse to follow rigid regulations and will often question the norms.

Ideal Jobs for ENTP

The ENTP cherishes a workplace that isn’t rigid and allows them to be creative at work.


Ideal Positions for Visionaries include:

  • HR Recruiter

  • Management Consultant

  • Executive

  • Insurance Agent

  • Architect

  • Urban Planner

  • Environmental Scientist

  • Market Researcher

  • Organizational Psychologist

Personalities @ BGC Group 

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