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The Best Career Fields For Introverts

The Best Career Fields For Introverts

29 Apr 16:00 by Deana Zafir

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To some, personality tests might be an inaccurate, non-factual way of classifying the different people in their lives. However, the Myers Briggs Personality Types (MBTI) can be a useful tool to help you find both your next career step or your dream career. 

Don't know what the MBTI test is? Well, Isabel Myers, founder, and creator of the test believed that everyone on earth can be classified according to 16 Personalities. Each of the personalities is made out of one of four psychological functions (i.e. Sensation, Intuition, Feeling, Thinking), which drives each person.

Before we get started, it is best to read up more on the Myers Briggs Personality Types and the MBTI Test. This is the introvert edition of out MBTI series, don't identify as an Introvert? Maybe our career read on extroverted types would be more interesting to you!

Alright, so have you discovered your type yet? Now let's help you debunk your dream career!

The Virtuoso - ISTP
(Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perception)

The Virtuoso (a.k.a. The Scholar) are individuals curious to learn more about the world around them. People with this personality type are both creative and logical at the same time. They explore the world around them through first-hand experience - learning through kinesthetic methods by taking apart and reassembling items.

At work, scholars might seem like the most productive employee. They love having their own individual space and tackling problems hands-on. Unfortunately, due to their rational thinking and direct way of communicating with others, Scholars might find a hard time making friends with their colleagues. 

Ideal Jobs for ISTPs

The ISTP wants a position that allows them to be active and engage their mechanical-loving minds.

Ideal Positions for Scholars include:

  • Securities Analyst

  • Software Developer

  • Systems Analyst

  • Database Administrator

  • Flight Engineer

  • Police Officer

  • Firefighter

  • Dental Hygienist


The Architect - INTP
(Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perception)

Architects are innovators fascinated by anything logical. To the casual observer, INTP is a personality type with traits that contradict each other. For instance, despite their love of the logical, individuals with this personality type are dissatisfied with mundane, day-to-day activities.

Instead, Architects desire for an environment that allows them to tap into their inner “genius”. People with this personality type want to understand the world around them. They want to analyse concepts and beliefs at all costs, even if it means offending some people. At the workplace, Architects are lone wolves, preferring to work independently.


Ideal Jobs for INTPs

The INTP is naturally drawn to computers, IT, and the technology field.

Ideal Positions for Scholars include:

  • Computer Programmer

  • Information Security Analyst

  • Database Administrator

  • Software Developer

  • Web Developer

  • Accountant

  • Market Research Analyst

  • Survey Researcher


The Composer - ISFP 
(Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceptive)

ISFPs are spontaneous beings who may come across as quiet and reserved. To the casual observer, the ISFP is someone who they may find hard to get to know. Someone with an ISFP personality may see the world in all its colorful magic. Because of this, they’re known as one of the most artistic types and often have a talent wielding the paintbrush.

Composers are drawn to positions that do not require them to speak publicly or lead large groups. People with this personality type are quite flexible, able to work either independently or with loyal and understanding colleagues. 

Ideal Jobs for ISFP

The ISFP is drawn to quiet and cooperative workspaces.

Ideal Positions for Composers include:

  • Fashion Designer

  • Artist

  • Florist

  • Special Education Teacher

  • Counselor

  • Physical Therapist

The Mastermind - INTJ 
(Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judgement)

An INTJ is someone who loves the analytical and problem-solving. They often appear as thoughtful and aloof individuals, as Masterminds prefer to analyse the word around them individually and internally. People with this personality type are often known to be perfectionists and have a keen interest in self-improvement.

In the workplace, Masterminds will choose to participate in problems that require innovative improvement. They require an efficient and logic centered workplace, choosing to work with a small team of ‘intelligent’ individuals. 

Ideal Jobs for INTJ

The INTJ wants a career that allows them to be challenging and analytical, in order to tackle problems.

Ideal Positions for Masterminds include:

  • Sales Engineer

  • Market Research Analyst

  • Surveyor

  • Web Developer

  • Computer Programmer

  • Software Developer

  • Network Administrator

  • Police Detective

The Dreamer - INFP 
(Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceptive)


If the ENFP adores face to face communication, the INFP enjoys a subtler form of communication, behind the scenes. Individuals with this personality are highly idealistic and want to pursue careers that have meaning and adhere to their lives.

People with this personality type enjoy pursuing creative passions independently. However, due to the INFP’s quest to fulfill their idealistic whims, this personality type might be prone to conflict with other individuals.

Ideal Jobs for INFPs

The INFP craves positions that are independent and creative. 


Ideal positions for Dreamers include:

  • Writing and editing  

  • Public relations specialists

  • Archivist or curator

  • Mental health counselor

  • School or career counselor

  • Human resources specialist

  • Training or development manager

The Counselor - INFJ  
(Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judgemental)


Just like the ENFJ, the INFJ personality type love connecting with people in a subtler, less energetic way. People with this personality type are very empathetic and have the ability to sense how someone else is feeling - sometimes before the person realizes.

Counselors are usually organized and will finish projects in an orderly manner. Due to their introverted personality, they prefer the company of quiet environments, especially at their workplace.

Ideal Jobs for INFJs

Individuals with this personality type seek out complex projects where they can help “fix” other people, with complex problems.


Ideal positions for Counselors include:

  • Social Worker

  • Speech Pathologist

  • Clinical Psychologist

  • Corporate Trainer

  • Legal Mediator

  • School Counselor

  • Graphic Designer

  • Physician

The Protector - ISFJ 
(Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, Judgement)


If the ESFJ personality type provides, the ISFJ personality aims to protect. Someone who is an ISFJ wants to get along with everyone, to make sure they do what they’re supposed to. An ISFJ rarely strains from the set rules. 

Ideal Jobs for the ISFJ

The ISFJ enjoys work that requires attention to detail. Protectors thrive in an environment with established guidelines, that allows them to complete their duties efficiently. Individuals with this personality type are most compatible with careers in the healthcare and medicine field.


Ideal careers for Protectors include:

  • Food Science Technician/ Food Scientist

  • Dentist/ Dental Assistants/ Dental Hygienist

  • Medical Assistants

  • Clerk

  • Postal Service Worker

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Clerk (i.e. Financial Clerk, General Office Clerk, Information Clerk, Material Recording Clerk, Bookkeeping/Auditing Clerk)

  • Bus / Taxi Driver

  • Actuary

  • Engineering (i.e. Biomedical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Health and Safety Engineer)

The Inspector - ISTJ  
(Introvert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)  


Just like an inspector, the ISTJ personality type is one that is organized, responsible, and driven. They like systems, rules, and well-placed bureaucracy - bringing law and order wherever they go. Thanks to their drive to be orderly, ISTJ individuals love paying attention to detail. People with this personality are factual and logically driven.

Ideal Jobs for the ISTJ: 

Finance, engineering, maintenance, IT, and healthcare are industries which the ISTJ thrives in. They need a fulfilling career based on logic, factual information, and workplaces that allow the Inspector to focus on an action plan with little deviation.


Ideal careers for Inspectors include:

  • Office and Administrative Support (i.e. Clerk, Postal Service Worker, Bill or Account Collector)

  • Multiple positions in Engineering (i.e. Aerospace Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineer, Nuclear Engineer, Surveyor)

  • Mechanic and Repairer

  • Driver

  • Sales Representative/ Sales Manager/ Sales Engineer

  • Information Security Analyst / Computer Support Specialist / Computer Systems Analyst

  • Athlete

Personalities @ BGC Group 

As an agency in Singapore, BGC Group is made up of many different MBTI types working together towards our goal of recruiting you to your next job. We welcome introverts so do check our BGC Singapore's job portal for relevant opportunities! 

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