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How Graduates in Malaysia Can Decide Between Two Fresh Graduate Offers

How Graduates in Malaysia Can Decide Between Two Fresh Graduate Offers

13 Aug 14:00 by Deana Zafir

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It doesn’t happen to most people, but some of you might be lucky enough to be caught in the middle of two job offers. And if you’re reading this article for advice, then congratulations! All the hard work from your job hunt has paid off immensely.

But once the celebration ends, you’re left with a real dilemma. When it comes to choosing between two jobs, which one should you decide to pick? Lucky for you, we’re here to help! Read to find out how you can decide between two job offers as a fresh graduate in Malaysia! 

1. Do Perks Matter?  

It’s only human to want to be rewarded for our hard work and effort. Perks do matter - which is why companies have upped their game. Organizations in Malaysia are already offering common perks such as health insurance, as well as various incentives and bonuses to name a few. Other uncommon perks offered might include gym memberships, free lunch buffets, and well...if you’ve seen BGC Malaysia’s Instagram stories, some offices might allow you to bring pets along!

But it’s easy to get swept away by the allure of flashy perks and ignore the other aspects of the job. Ask yourself:

  • Are you getting enough experience to help you climb up the career ladder? 

  • Will the job and the work you do, challenge you? 

  • Which of the two (or three...lucky you!) jobs lines up with your ultimate career goal? 


2. How is the Workplace Culture Like? 

Here are some unique ways for you to figure out if the workplace culture is a good fit for you:

  • Figure out who your prospective colleagues are. And no, we don’t mean by stalking them! Although doing a little bit of “research” on Linkedin or Instagram might be beneficial in the long run. Some companies might be liberal enough to let you interview (or be interviewed) by a potential colleague.

    This can be difficult, especially since it’s hard to get to know someone from a job interview. One thing you can do though is request for their MBTI/ personality type. And then decipher if you’ll be able to get along with their working style.

  • Ask if you can do a test day or two at the job. Before deciding to see if you’ll take it.

  • Talk to the boss. The best way to learn from someone is to understand who they are as an individual and how they think. Whether you like it or not, your job satisfaction relies on your relationship with your boss. Take the time and scrutinize your potential boss - especially when you’re working at a small start-up or family-owned company.

Once you’ve analyzed the company and the accompanying workplace culture from top to bottom, you should be able to pick the right offer. It should also go without saying that ideally, you should pick a workplace that isn’t toxic. Remember, no amount of salary or benefits can undo the tiring after-effects of recovering from a toxic workplace.


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3. Compare Your Daily Roles



We get it. There is no way to make a clear cut decision between two very different job offers when you have no real idea of the roles you’ll be doing, daily. One way to cut out the confusion and allow you to weigh out your options. Here’s what you should ask yourself:

  • Who will I be working and interacting with?

  • Does the job involve traveling? If so, how far do you have to travel to and from your home and place of work?

  • What will you be doing every day? Consider the type and quality of skills you can learn from different job offers. Check out some of the articles below to figure out what some of the hottest skills in Malaysia are! 

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4. Go With Your Gut  



Sometimes research can fail. For instance, if you’re someone who bases their judgment on the different reviews on the company. Seeing a bad review or two might plant the seed of doubt in your mind - making you reject what could’ve been a great offer. And whilst it’s perfectly fine to rely on Glassdoor reviews can be altered by dissatisfied employees, who leave unjust reviews as a strange form of revenge. 

One way you can decide between two job offers is by trusting your inner voice. Think like Glassdoor and ask yourself:

  • Which job do I find more interesting? 

  • Which position am I more comfortable within the long run? 

  • What are my instincts telling me to do?

Go with your heart. Even if your peers choose to complain to you about the organization you’ve chosen to work with. Or the number on the paycheck you’ve agreed to take, in exchange for all the potential skills and experience you’ll get in return.

Trust yourself. At the end of the day, you know your work preferences better than anyone else. Sometimes, taking that leap of faith might lead you to different careers (or positions), that continually excite you.

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How did you decide between two fresh graduate offers? Let us know in the comments section below!