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CNY Reads: 9 Chinese Superstitions That Might Lead to a High Pay Job in Malaysia

CNY Reads: 9 Chinese Superstitions That Might Lead to a High Pay Job in Malaysia

13 Jan 14:00 by BGC Candidates

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Are you looking for a new or a high paying job in Malaysia this 2020? Would you like to learn some ancient Chinese spiritual secrets to help you land a new job? 

We’ve listed 9 Chinese superstitions that people use for better career luck, or a better job interview, below. Combine these tips with hard work, and a reputable recruitment agency. You might just land yourself a high paying job in Malaysia! 

If you’re interested in Feng Shui…


1. Wear Red Underwear 

Red is a colour often associated with auspicious luck. Feng Shui practitioners believe that the colour gives the wearer a sense of confidence, assertiveness, toughness, and prosperity. Despite this, you might not want to turn up to a job interview in a garish red outfit. It could deter the interviewer’s perception of you. 

Red underwear, is a private way to help you absorb the power of the red. But if that’s too bold of a move for you, how about a red t-shirt instead? It’ll surely make you stand out from the crowd. 

2. Stick a Map of the World on the North Side of Your House  

Huh? North side? Don’t worry, this Game of Thrones sounding advice is anything but vicious. In Feng Shui, the north area is also known as the Path of Life. This is a path that practitioners believe is directly connected to the flow of good energy in your career.

Hanging a world map in this area might shed some clarity to your career direction. So if you’re unsure of which industry to pursue, hang a map, and read up on some insightful articles. 

3.  Practice the KonMari Method


We mean, declutter. Getting rid of crap you don’t use, helps to cut down the source of stagnant energy. A cluttered house is a chi-repellent. It dims the light in the area that clouds your vision and goals. Another reason to keep your home and office neat and tidy right? 

If you’re already planning to “get rid of things that don’t spark joy”, why not try decluttering your door and entry ways as well? Blocked door and entryways prevents the entry of chi (life force). Remember our red underwear tip? Well, if you’re a hardcore Feng Shui practitioner, you might want to paint your door red. 

4.  Decorate your Space Tastefully  

The more we read up on Feng Shui advice, the more we realize that Pinterest and Feng Shui, have similar advice. If you want to break the ground of a specific industry, try decorating your home with items related to your dream career.

For instance, if you’re looking to land a job within the Banking or Fintech field, you might want to line the bookshelves in your bedroom with textbooks from the field. This pushes you to become more focused on being a professional in the Banking or Fintech field.

As Millennials, we like to fill our bedrooms and offices with figures or plush toys from our favourite anime and/or TV series. Well, toss that Hatsune Miku plush aside or put her in the next room. While you might have a soft spot for them, the rules of Feng Shui states that these items cancel out the effects of your Feng Shui.

5. Find Out Your Gua Number

Don’t worry, your secondary school math days are not back to haunt you! Numerology is often used in Feng Shui to figure out your lucky directions, to help manifest better energy for your career.

If you fear numbers (like we do), there are Gua calculators available online for you to use. And thanks to the vast knowledge the internet holds, you can even find the best directions for you to manifest better jobs, based on your Gua numbers!

Here’s Everything You Need to Calculate Your Gua Number:

If you’re interested in Fortune Telling…

6. Get Your Ba Zi or Zi Wei Dou Shu Read 


If you’re into astrology and zodiacs, then these might be up your alley! The aim of both Ba Zi and Zi Wei Dou Shu readings is to predict your personality and future. Practitioners often do this by charting out the alignment of different stars based on your date and time of birth.

Modern Ba Zi readings also highlights your natural talents (e.g. good communicator, lover of the arts etc). You’ll also be able to find out how your personality type affects the type of job that you have. As well as the different industries that you have a natural affinity in. 

Unfortunately, getting your Ba Zi or Zi Wei Dou Shu read can be quite costly. If you’re looking for a free Ba Zi or Zi Wei Dou Shu reading, try visiting Five Arts Forum. The forum is filled with trainee practitioners and devoted Ba Zi interpreters and readers, to help you out! Alternatively, you can click here for an online Zi Wei Dou Shu quiz


7. Set Interviews for Lucky Days 


Everyone has a lucky number. One way to figure it out would be to check the astrology section of the newspaper to find out if it is your lucky day. Alternatively, you can try scheduling interviews on dates with your lucky number (e.g. if you’re lucky number is 5, try scheduling an interview on the 5th, 15th, and 25th of the month).

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If you’re Spiritual…


8. Be Open 


We asked our diverse group of colleagues for some of their Chinese superstitious or even Feng Shui beliefs. One thing you should do though is keep your forehead (or mind) open! The traditional Chinese belief that the forehead is the “light” of the body. So keeping an open mind will help leave a good impression of you, during your job interviews. 

9. Good Karma 

Karma is the belief that, “what goes around, comes around”. Karma practitioners believe that in order to get good things in life, you must do good. But karma is more than just doing good, you must release positive energy into the world as well. Good karma can also be harvested from good thoughts and intentions.

Maybe before you begin your next job search, remind yourself of the positive reasons why you need a different job. And the benefits you think you’ll receive from it. The universe might just hear you out and grant you the job, if you’re deserving of it. 

Do you have any superstitious beliefs that you’d like to share with us, a recruitment agency in Malaysia? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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*This article first appeared in BGC Singapore. Click here to read, "CNY Reads: 10 Chinese Superstitions That Might Lead to a High Pay Job in Singapore"