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How Can An International Recruitment Agency in Malaysia Help Employers amid COVID-19

How Can An International Recruitment Agency in Malaysia Help Employers amid COVID-19

23 Apr 18:00 by BGC HR

international recruitment agency in Malaysia

With the appearance of COVID-19, the booming Malaysia economy and great business predictions for 2020 was put to a halt. As employers, hiring in Malaysia may seem like something right at the end of your mind, but should that really be so?

While the pandemic evolves with various countries beginning to show a decline in new cases, the world turns to technology, taking its physical work and connections online as companies adapt and grow connected virtually. With increased digital growth in technology, comes a window of opportunity for companies to expand into or reinvent itself. And this is where an international recruitment agency in Malaysia like us can give your business a boost!. 

Here are some benefits that, as an employer, you can gain from partnering with an international recruitment agency in Malaysia.

1. New Talent Identification and Engagement Strategies

international recruitment agency in Malaysia

As part of an international recruitment agency in Malaysia, our recruitment consultants are trained to continuously look out for current trending skillsets in multiple industries in order to provide “updated” assistance in searching for “the one” that is able to work productively and efficiently for companies. 

Hence recruitment firms are able to create and execute new custom talent identification and engagement procedures for clients hiring for positions they are unfamiliar with. With years of accumulated experience, we are able to plan interviews with behaviour profiling assessments to ensure the fit for our clients.

Whether it is your company looking to expand your technology operations or hire a digital executive, a recruitment consultant’s task is to help you find the right fit based on sector research, years of insights, knowledge, and reputed workability.

2. Large Database of Resumes

international recruitment agency in Malaysia

Most recruitment agencies would have amassed large databases of candidates from various industries over time allowing them to quickly identify and reach out to the right candidates.

And as any experienced recruitment agency, we have not just garnered a large database of resumes, we have also created our own network base on various platforms to gained valuable insights on what candidates are looking for. So you don’t just get the right candidate, but insights as well to put a beneficial offer on the negotiation table.

3. Saving time & resources

international recruitment agency in Malaysia

With an experienced team and economics of scale, recruitment agencies are able to provide easy, cost-effective, and time-saving recruitment process. Even with remote working, recruiting candidates isn’t a problem since it is what our business is built upon!

Most consultancies do not just stop at recruitment! We expand our expertise from sole recruitment to specialising in human resources. As an international recruitment agency in Malaysia, we dedicate our effort into covering every aspect of human resource for our clients. 

Our team turned to technology to digitalise tedious and manual administrative HR matters, such as visas and employment pass applications, in order to value-adding to our client’s HR operation processes. This enables employers to set their attention on identifying opportunities and mitigating crisis during this period, buying time for them to reevaluate their current goals. 

4. Employer of record

international recruitment agency in Malaysia

With the constant changes to regulations meant to tackle the pandemic, there is uncertainty in the hiring of permanent staff. Employers can consider hiring and/or outsourcing contract staff to mitigate your company’s possible restructure or to minimise your risk. 

And that is where recruitment agencies come into the picture. We provide HR Outsourcing services where we take on the employer of record and handle your contract recruitment and HR matters while you focus on the critical matters on hand. 

With tough times ahead, you will need a flexible operating structure that allows your company to adapt faster to crucial changes that may dictate the endurance of your company. And as an international recruitment agency in Malaysia that is able to address your concerns and provide focused support to the backbone of your business during these hard times, we may be just the answer to that.Write something here...