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3 Major Things International Recruitment Agencies Are Better At Than Your HR

3 Major Things International Recruitment Agencies Are Better At Than Your HR

01 May 09:00 by BGC HR

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As businesses grow and expand their companies overseas, the demand for talent in different specialisation increases. And with a competitive talent marketplace, traditional means of getting a candidate may not work in this day and age. Hiring an eligible candidate is a task that requires top-level human resource skills. And while your company’s HR team may be capable of hiring and managing interviews, large headcounts and specialised hiring can be overwhelming if your company does not specialise in recruitment!

It can take a number of years before your team gets the hiring requirements right but that may result in expansion delays and loses. And that is where international recruitment agencies come in handy. 

1. We have consultants with specialised knowledge in different fields

As an international recruitment agency, we face complex job placements from a diverse range of industries. We work with clients ranging from healthcare to technology sectors for multiple roles in various levels, from entry to management. In order to ensure we match our clients with the right candidates, our consultants are trained in specialised areas, each with their own expertise. 

They research and up themselves up to date with hiring trends in their specialised areas, providing clients with consulting knowledge that helps them prep the remuneration package for the talents they are looking for.

2. Huge Candidates Database (Local and International)

While job board databases exist, it can be hard combing through the entire system for the right candidate. And there is a chance that the talent you are looking for is not listed there.
Within a single recruiter’s candidate database contains numerous experts looking for a change in their environment or furthering their career. For international recruitment agencies, these databases do not just stop at local candidates. As we source for candidate across the world, our databases naturally get filled with viable candidates we’ve shortlisted along the way.  

3. Global Resources

As your business expands overseas, the hiring process will become more in-depth with differing manpower regulations in each country. And it can be hard for your team to adapt to different countries’ recruitment standards and match their candidate’s expectations as well. 

That is why multinational companies tend to outsource their recruitment to the subject matter experts. With subsidiaries situated around the world, international recruitment agencies are able to provide companies with a global reach and understanding of recruitment behaviours of their countries of interest. We are adept at handling a multitude of complex processes from work permits and visas to payroll and HR compliance.

While your company expands, the human resource department needs to redevelop its direction as well. Its concerns are no longer just on handling mundane and tedious matter such as payroll and recruitment, they need to establish the company’s employer branding in order to ensure the organisation’s attractiveness to candidates. 

So why not consider outsourcing international recruitment agencies? We have the resources and reach to provide customised solutions that can provide your company flexibility in recruiting and handling of your candidates. We may just be the answer that can bring your business tremendous relief (Tried & tested!).