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How To Attract And Retain Tech Talents In Malaysia

How To Attract And Retain Tech Talents In Malaysia

11 Nov 22:00 by HR & Management Reads

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Let’s face it. Recruiting and retaining IT professionals is a challenge that many companies in Malaysia face and many hiring managers have yet to come up with a solution that can solve this hiring problem. 


Over the past years, the demand for Tech talents has surged all across the globe, and this has affected developing countries like Malaysia the most. Many businesses are now beginning to realise the importance of digitalisation and are scrambling to adapt their operations for the digital economy.

Two notable factors that caused the demand for tech professionals to spike are:

1) Industrial Revolution 4.0 relies on tech talents


IR 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution which defines how organisations and industries conduct their business. It focuses mainly on automation, interconnectivity, machine learning and real time data. The whole process relies on the internet and connectivity to improve the efficiency of operations in many business sectors. This revolution has created new jobs within old industries and also created brand new industries that demand skilled IT professionals.


2)COVID-19 has shifted the world to tech


The pandemic has pressured many organisations to quickly shift towards the digital economy in order to continue their business operations. Many businesses are forced to digitized their operation modules in order to continue their operations. Many industries are now reliant on technologies such as software, automation and application.



What challenges do hiring managers face when hiring IT professionals?


Many businesses in Malaysia require skilled IT professionals and they need them now in order to compete with other businesses. The hiring climate for tech talents is highly competitive with a shortage of IT talent in the existing talent pool in Malaysia

Malaysian employers are still struggling with finding the right talents that will help them scale up since they do not have the skills to effectively utilise the technology that is available to the company right now.

Although the Malaysian government has started an initiative (PENJANA), part of it as an attempt to upskill and reskill the local workforce to cater to the surge of demands for IT professionals, the results will likely take several years to observe the effectiveness of this initiative on the market. The program is currently targeted at current students who will graduate several years later.



Current IT skills that are in demand in Malaysia


As of now, these are some positions that many employers have approached BGC Malaysia’s recruitment specialists to fill quickly within their organisations :


  1. Software & Application Developers

  2. UI/UX Designers

  3. Big Data & Business Analysts

  4. Cybersecurity Engineers

  5. Solution Architects

  6. Scrum Master / Project managers

  7. Cloud Architects

  8. Automation Engineers/Testers

  9. E-commerce specialists

  10. Digital Marketing Analysts


These positions require candidates to have sufficient technical knowledge over several web/ software tools and programming languages in order to effectively fit the role requirement. 


How do we then attract and retain tech professionals?


There’s no question that the challenges that hiring managers face in finding the best tech talent are a tough hurdle to cross. 


However, hope is not lost! As an IT recruitment agency in Malaysia, BGC Malaysia is here with several tips and tricks to help hiring managers and employers to attract and secure IT professionals to fill in your hiring gaps!



Consider Consulting  a Recruitment Agency in Malaysia


As an IT recruitment agency in Malaysia for more than 10 years, BGC Malaysia can offer you a fast track solution with a curated database of tech connections that will narrow your search for the most suitable IT candidates at every skill level and experience. 


We have helped clients with cross-industry recruitment for tech talents in emerging fields such as cyber security, and automation. Keeping close in touch with varying needs of the industries has equipped us with ample knowledge on the hiring climate in Malaysia to advise you better.



Provide Sufficient Learning Opportunities For Your Tech Employees


One of the most commonly cited reasons by tech professionals on the lookout for new job opportunities with BGC Malaysia are the “lack of learning and professional growth.”


Technology is ever-changing. It is quite impossible to keep up with the developments of new technologies and its implementation on businesses. New software and tools on the market may easily outperform existing ones that your organisation may have invested heavily on. Given this, tech talents with a continuous growth mindset have to constantly keep an eye out on new technologies so that they would remain relevant. 


One of the best perks for IT professionals is by providing them with a platform where talents can attend in areas that interest them. There are many available online learning platforms such that employers can subscribe to - such as Udemy to keep learning a constant.


Upskilling and Reskilling


Employers can also opt to prepare to upskill and reskill employees in the organisations. One of the challenges earlier noted is that employers face the difficulty in finding talents who have the right skills to help the business scale by utilising existing technologies. 


As an alternative, employers can provide training to help new employees to gain important skills that the organisation needs in the long run. Many leading employers provide training to their employees during the initial phase of onboarding which usually takes up to 3 to 6 months.


Allowing growth in terms of career and skills would make employees feel more devoted and motivated to stick around in an organisation as it gives them a sense of contribution and productivity. Employers would also be able to develop suitable candidates internally without worrying about finding candidates that do not complement the organisation’s cultural dynamics since these employees would have been familiar with this from the start



Offering Competitive Perks and Benefits


Companies have been getting creative in making the workplace more attractive to talents. From free lunch meals to weekly company outings, there are many creative attempts to keep talents around. However, one of the most traditionally tried and tested ways to retain highly demanded tech talent is by offering high salaries to attract and retain them.


Without a doubt, weighing competitive salary and benefits against the value that talents will bring is an important part of the talent attraction process. However, smart hiring managers can also rely on the help of a recruitment agency like BGC Malaysia to make the negotiation process easier. Our recruiters are be able to help you secure the best IT talents to fill in the talent gaps in your organization. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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