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6 Steps To Hire Quality Candidates For Full Time Jobs In Malaysia

6 Steps To Hire Quality Candidates For Full Time Jobs In Malaysia

13 Jan 23:00 by HR & Management Reads

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We’ll be the first to admit it,  the hiring process can sometimes be really tricky. It can take up a lot of time, consume a lot of resources and overall, take up a lot of energy to execute. The reason behind this is because a detailed and meticulous hiring process is believed to be important to find the best candidates. 

Even after taking a lot of time screening through dozens of resumes and going through several interviews, employers can sometimes end up with bad hires. Hiring managers often ask themselves, “How’s that possible?” And “what went wrong in the hiring process?”

As a recruitment agency in Malaysia that has helped thousands of businesses fill in vacant positions with good candidates in the last decade, we came up with a quick checklist that could potentially save you a lot of time and cost in making a bad hire. 

We hope that this checklist will guide you along in identifying good candidates for your full time jobs in Malaysia.

1. Identify your hiring needs for your full time job openings in Malaysia

First thing’s first: Do you know what you are looking for in a potential employee?

It is extremely important to first identify the skills and core values that is important to your team and organisation.  By understanding your hiring needs, you could also avoid hiring too many employees that have a similar skill set. Have the following answered before you begin your candidate search: 

  1. Evaluate current workforce skills and gaps

  2. Predict potential skills required for the future

  3. Define clear criteria through elaborate job descriptions

Aside from the above, it helps to also consider this: “by when do you expect to see the impact of your successful hire”?

There is a difference between finding the best talent for you right now and finding the talent that you can develop and become an all-star. A candidate that has the right skill set that closes your current workforce skills gap may not necessarily have the learning agility (or willingness) to readily pick up new skills you may require in the future. Have your answer to this ready and make sure to screen potential candidates on this via a test or during the interview

2. Screen Through Applications & Credentials Carefully

One of the best methods to get to know your candidates is by carefully reviewing their resume and CVs for potential or complementary work experience. Before your interview, take time to thoroughly highlight pointers of interest and areas that makes them a great match to the job requirements that you set. Screen through their experience, qualifications, skills & characteristics to find the most desired candidates that could be the right fit for the job.

Pro tip:

Breeze past this detailed (yet important) few tasks with the helpful eye of an experienced recruitment agency in Malaysia! On average, a corporate job offer attracts over 250 resumes! Combing through high volumes of resumes will take up a lot of your time. A good recruitment agency can save you time and manpower costs by providing you with resumes of candidates that have already been pre-screened.

3. Interview and assess your candidates with a well thought-out process

Interviewing your candidates can help you gather a more comprehensive understanding of the candidate’s characteristics. Aside from that, the interview process is a great way for employers to identify if a candidate's personality is a great fit for the company’s culture. From the interview, you will be able to read cues and body language. 

Seeing how the candidate reacts to your questions in person or via a remote video call will clue you in with insights on several things such as:

  1. Confidence level

  2. Social behaviour

  3. Interpersonal skills

  4. Enthusiasm and readiness to work

Other than that, you should also note that there are several types of interviews. Different types of interviews may provide you with different insights about the candidate. Therefore, it's important for you to plan out your interview process and determine what you wish to know about your potential hire. 

Here are the categories of interviews that our recruitment consultants are typically familiar with, depending on the client’s requirements: :

  1. Behavioural interview

  2. Task-related interview

  3. Stress interview

  4. Informal interview

  5. Screening interview

  6. Competency based interview

Here’s a great read that can help you draft your interview questions:

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4. Incorporate strategies beyond face-to-face interviews

Yes, while face to face interviews are a great way to get to know a candidate, we do advise you to consider going beyond. Just a couple of interviews (especially if not well thought through) may not always be the best way to evaluate a candidate’s true skill and personality. 

This doesn’t mean you leave things entirely in the hands of the recruiter (though it does happen), or to an online test. It simply means that you should work with your talent acquisition or recruiter to develop a detailed hiring strategy. You can choose to pair up the outcome of the interview with data you collected from the candidate. These data can come from personality tests or skill based questionnaires.

For example, one interesting way for you to get a glimpse of how it's like to work with the candidate first is by giving them tasks to complete as part of the interview process. Our recruiter, Jynn, shares that a lot of employers incorporate this method as part of the interview process. This process had also increased the interview to hire ratio.

5. Run A Background Check On Your Candidates

Check on your candidate's credibility by calling the reference that they provide in the resume. By doing so, you will be able to verify the skills, certificate and competency of a candidate. An effective background check is one of the most important steps before onboarding your choice of candidate.

Aside from checking on the reference that they provide, it’s also common practice for HR professionals to quickly scour the internet to check on a candidate’s social media activity. There have been many cases of companies receiving backlash for being associated with employees who posted controversial content on the internet. To avoid your company’s credibility from being tarnished, it is best to investigate candidates' online behaviour and flag controversial behaviour early on.

6. Making Sure You Own A Strong Employer Brand

75% of job seekers consider an employer brand before even applying for a job. This means that having a strong employer brand helps you attract and retain talented candidates to work for your company. Aside from that, having a strong brand also plays an important role in ensuring a high rate of interview or job offer acceptance.  

(Read: The Importance Of Employer Branding For Businesses In Malaysia)

An effective hiring process is essential for businesses to operate effectively. Therefore, many hiring managers go through this process meticulously to avoid hiring bad candidates. You could opt to use the service of a recruitment agency like BGC Malaysia to source quality candidates. We can guarantee to provide you with suitable candidates in a short period of time and cut the cost to hire along the process. 

Do you need help finding or hiring quality employees for your full time jobs in Malaysia? Get in touch with the recruiters at BGC Malaysia today! 

What important steps did you take to ensure you are hiring the right candidate for your company? Let us know in the comments below!

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