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How To Convert A Temp Gig Into A Full Time Job Offer In Malaysia

How To Convert A Temp Gig Into A Full Time Job Offer In Malaysia

12 Jan 23:00 by Job Search & Career Reads

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The economic downturn has caused many businesses to be cautious before making any major business decisions, especially in hiring. Which is why there has been an increase in demand for temporary contract employment in Malaysia. 

Should job seekers in Malaysia shy away from contract employment or should they be excited about landing a job over a set period of time? Most contract positions may only be offered for several months. However, that does not necessarily mean that the position can’t be converted to a permanent role. A lot of job seekers are unaware that the chances of being absorbed into a permanent role is a lot higher than if they were to apply as an outsider. In other words, a contract role could be exactly what you need to kickstart your career!

Well, today we are going to provide you with some insights that will help you make the transition from contract employee to a permanent employee 

1. Be outstanding

In order to capture the attention of your immediate supervisor, you need to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd. Stand out by being an ace in the office! We encourage you to take on as many tasks as you can handle in the office and go beyond the bare minimum. This should be done without overwhelming yourself of course. You will be able to prove to your employer that you are an essential employee by adding more value that only you can provide by going the extra mile like proactively volunteering to utilize the skills that you have even though it is outside of your job scope.

2. Express your interest in looking for a full-time job in the company

Some job seekers feel that it is inappropriate to express their interest in converting to a full-time employee because they might feel like such behaviour can be seen as demanding. However, it is extremely important to let your boss know that you are interested in working as a permanent employee. There would be no point in putting in the hard yard if your employer is unaware that you are looking to transition to a permanent position. You wouldn’t want to be disappointed should the company have no room left to make in terms of hiring.

Pro-Tip: If you’ve been offered a part-time job, it’s always best to accept the role with the awareness that it will convert to a full-time gig. And whilst it’s good to bring up your intentions during your interviews, there’s no harm letting your supervisors and managers know that you’re interested in staying, once the job starts. 

3. Having a strong ability to adapt fast

Being able to adapt and learn quickly has always been a feat that your employers will find impressive. Pairing your enthusiasm along with your ability to pick up new information quickly can make you an extremely valuable asset to the company. It shows your employers that you’re willing to go the extra mile! 

Learning agility is especially important now that the nation is currently undergoing a transformation led by IR 4.0. Many businesses require an agile workforce that could quickly adapt to new technologies to run their operations.

Here are some tips on what you can do to acquire the skills of learning and adapting faster:

  1. Use your free time to attend online courses or watch informative tutorials online

  2. Frequently practice the skills that you are trying to pick up

  3. Ask for advice from your peers or colleague about anything that you are struggling with at the workplace

4. Build connections and socialize with everyone in the workplace

It’s mind-boggling how easily this practice is overlooked given how important it is to build genuine connections in the workplace. It is important to socialize in the workplace by having a healthy relationship with coworkers. Socialising in the office promotes teamwork and helps boost overall employee’s happiness. 46% of professionals worldwide believe that work friends are important to their overall happiness. Employee happiness will reflect on the company’s productivity. In short, having a healthy workplace relationship could be the determining factor for your permanent placement.

Aside from that, it’s important to build relationships with coworkers outside of your department because if your department isn’t hiring at that time, you could use your networking skills to explore opportunities that may lie in other departments! 

5. Stay consistent and motivated

Employers would always want to avoid risks. You can show them that hiring you is not a risky move by being consistent with your work throughout the terms of your contract. One easy trick to practice is by imagining that every day is an interview. Consider every assignment or tasks that you’ve been given as part of an ongoing assessment where you can showcase your skills and competencies to your supervisor. Be punctual to work, and show your employers that you excel in your job by completing tasks on time and with little mistakes.

6. Prepare for an interview at the end of your term

It is always good to prepare for an interview session that might take place at the end of your term so that you will not get caught off guard. Depending on the relationship with your supervisor, the interview may be conducted informally over lunch or a formal interview in front of a committee. 

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7. Use a recruitment agency in Malaysia

For candidates that landed a part-time job through the help of a recruitment agency in Malaysia, It’s best to let the recruiters know of your current situation and let them be part of the negotiation process. Recruiters often have a close relationship with the company that hired you. Therefore, they may be able to convince your employer to place you under a permanent role, so long as you have good results! 

Contract placement can open many doors for job seekers out there. If you are successfully placed under a company for contract placement, it basically means that you already have one foot in the door. Looking for temporary placement in Kuala Lumpur? Visit BGC Group Malaysia job portal here and browse through our list of jobs that might just be your career. 

Have you managed to successfully turn your temporary gig to a full-time job? Share your stories with us in the comment section below!

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