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Why Use A Recruitment Agency For Full Time Jobs In Malaysia?

Why Use A Recruitment Agency For Full Time Jobs In Malaysia?

25 Jan 15:00 by Job Search & Career Reads

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You’ve decided to find a new job. You get excited wondering about what opportunities may lay ahead in your new career. However, there is one hurdle you have yet to go through before landing a job, that is the daunting process of job hunting. So, why not consider working with a recruiter to land a full-time job? 


You have heard stories from friends and family who managed to land their dream jobs with a recruitment agency in Malaysia. 


And if you are reading this, you might be a bit sceptical about working with a recruiter. After all, why go through the middle man when you could directly submit your resume to the company. Right!  You could do that. However, let us share why a recruiter could be a great booster to your job search rather than just going at it on your own. Having been in the recruitment scene in Asia for over a decade, let’s try to clear your doubts. 



1. Recruiters are here to save you precious time 


Job hunting is a long and meticulous process that could take up hours of your time. On average, the job hunting process could take up to 9 weeks before the candidate finally lands a job. You can speed up this process by working with a recruitment agency! We help to streamline your job-hunting process and ensure that everybody involved is on the same page about the process. By doing so, we eliminate the practice of going back and forth to clarify crucial information that you may not have thought to ask at the time of interview. This improves your candidate experience.


Aside from that, recruiters like us know exactly what we are looking for. A recruiter spends at least 8 hours a day helping companies fill in vacant positions! Our job involves matching skills that you possess with suitable opportunities that we have in an instant. You will definitely save hours browsing through job boards looking for vacancies that fit your expertise and needs.



2. We help your profile stand out amongst a sea of candidates


Fun fact: Did you know that an average corporate job could receive up to 250 resumes? Luck plays a factor here if your dream employer is a dream employer of many others too. They simply have no time to rummage through the whole stash of candidates. Depending on when you submitted your application, your resume could easily be buried and lost in your hiring manager’s inbox. This is why many popular employers choose to work with external recruiters to shorten their sourcing process. A recruiter can help highlight your resume by directly submitting your profile using a different channel. Your resume would get the attention of your potential employers instead of floating around in a job portal’s database.


The connection we have with your potential employer allows us to highlight the potential that the employer could have missed out in your direct application. Use this to your advantage! All you have to do is to use a trustworthy and reliable recruitment agency in your job hunting process.



3. Great recruiters care to track your application closely. 


Once you’re shortlisted as an ideal candidate, a responsible recruiter would have timely follow ups with our clients on their thoughts about your profile.  As we all know, hiring managers are insanely busy people. Beyond screening through applications and scheduling interviews, they also have day jobs to do. Hiring may be important, but they could sometimes slip off the radar for a bit to deal with their day to day tasks. And here’s how we add value in your job hunt in becoming your constant reminder to your potential employer about making a decision soon. 

We constantly strive to provide a great candidate experience. We understand that candidates lose interest fast with a lack of follow up from the hiring side. This is why we put in the effort to ensure you stay up to date.



4. We want you to land you the job


We are going to let you in on a piece of information that many people still have misconceptions about. Ethical recruiters do not charge candidates for finding jobs for them. We hear of agencies taking up months of salary of job seekers or a commission each month. However, that is not our practice at BGC Malaysia. 


We are paid a fixed fee by your employer as part of the work we do in sourcing them great candidates. Hence, it is to your best interest that we find you a job that you are a great fit for! 



5. We are in a position to negotiate the best deal for you


For many candidates (and clients), salary negotiation is a conversation that many don’t have the skills to properly conduct and get the best deal. Most candidates could feel like they are not getting paid fairly. Here’s where we recruiters come in. Our insights on the hiring market benefit you as you get a finer gauge on the appropriate range of salary for a position with your experience. As a recruitment agency in Malaysia, we advise that you stay open with the recruiter on how much you expect in terms of salary. This practice can help you get the best deal for your next job!



6. We help you widen your job search network on a far greater scale.


Recruiters are well connected to a range of opportunities in the hiring market. We regularly keep in contact with past and existing clients that we have worked with throughout the years. This allows us to keep pulse on hiring sentiments in the market, and you are tapping on our network by involving us in your job search.


So even if you are unable to land a job with us for now, there are still future opportunities that we may have that are great for you. 


Working with recruiters at BGC Malaysia can be a great way to advance your job search for many reasons. If you’re starting your job search soon in Malaysia, get in touch with us! 


Do you have any doubts or questions about using a recruiter in your next job hunt? Let us know in the comment section below!

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