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The Best 2021 Guide To Surviving a Tough Jobs Market in Malaysia

The Best 2021 Guide To Surviving a Tough Jobs Market in Malaysia

25 Apr 15:00 by HR & Management

The Best Tips To Surviving Malaysia Tough Job Market

What’s the secret to surviving a tough jobs market in Malaysia? It’s safe to say that after a rough 2020. Many organizations and businesses have changed their list of priorities in an effort to cut costs. One of the many cuts were made to employees across a number of staffing agencies. This should come as no surprise as the recent pandemic has left a stark increase in Malaysia's unemployment rate. In fact, statistics show that the unemployment rate now sits at 3.9% as of March 2021

As a recruitment agency in Malaysia, we are interested in keeping both jobseekers and employees here happy. As such, we’ll be discussing the many ways you can survive Malaysia's tough job market. Let’s find out more information about how to survive the competitive job market out there, shall we? 

1. Don’t Job Shop Like You Did Before  

Pre-Covid Malaysia was a different time. Younger Millennial and Gen Z employees used to spend less than five years on the job. Choosing to jump from one job to another instead as it provides them with easy access to better benefits (i.e. higher salaries and more holiday and medical leaves to name a few). 

However, reports show that the longer your tenure is, the higher your chances of being retained are. Numbers don’t lie. In fact, more than 40% of employees who reported to be retrenched or displaced worked at their companies for less than a year. 

2. Learn to Market Yourself (Just in Case) 

Marketing is the key to success. Many of us mistake marketing ourselves or selling one’s skills to only be applicable during the job hunting process. However, this step is just as crucial when one is working in a position that’s at risk.

There are two ways to do this: 

(A) Being a high performer at work 

(B) Regularly communicating with your colleagues, bosses, and supervisors

It is no surprise that employees who fall under these two groups are also able to attain promotions, bonuses and a myriad of other benefits easily. Being memorable can be a great way to survive a tough job market. 

Other ways to make yourself more appealing to your boss include: 

(A) Becoming a team player: Pitch more in projects or reply to group emails. Showing your organization that you’re a team player can put you in a better light. 

(B) Communicate and ask for feedback: Bosses like proactive employees. Communicating with them and asking them for feedback on some of the major projects that both you and your teammates have just completed puts you on the “good” list. This move lets them know that you’re both thoughtful and actionable. 

(C) Teach your colleagues: Find ways to help your colleagues and teammates figure out everything that they need. Better still, explain to them your teachable thoughts during conferences and meetings. Of course not only will this put you in a good light in your bosses’ and supervisor’s eyes. Your colleagues might also find you to be a worthy mentor. 

More information on how you can upsell yourself at a risky job.  


3. Acquire Some Quarantine Work Skills 

During the mass work-from-home movement, millions of employees around the world invested some of their time acquiring skills to help make themselves more marketable. But what are some skills that employers look out for? And how can you show them off? Well, we’re about to share what we know with you. 

In this day and age, IT and Tech skills are always in high demand. Some interesting tech related skills to start out with include: 

  • Programming: And why not? Even primary school students are learning it these days. Other than looking good on paper. Programming can also help boost other soft skills you may have such as logical thinking and problem solving.

  • Analytics skills: Whether or not you work with analytics and marketing. This is a growing skill that many organizations are on the lookout for. You may want to consider picking this skill up. Additionally, analytics can also help boost other soft skills that you may have.  It may not sound like much, but soft skills can help you be more irreplaceable at work. Some highly sought after soft skills include confidence, time management, teamwork and leadership to name a few. 

  • Digital skills: Working from home requires employees to utilise a myriad of digital skills. Improving on these digital skills can also lead to being more visible during this work from home season. 

4. Make the Switch to a High Demand Job  

Switching to a high demand position can help secure your place in the current job market. Tech, IT, and Cybersecurity, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Finance, and Human Resources are some industries known to be in high demand globally. If you're seriously considering a job change, now's the right time to adopt some skills to help break into the essential industry. Several skills to consider include programming, cybersecurity, and digital communication to name a few. 

You might want to check out this article on the top digital essential skills for some ideas of in-demand job skills

5. Just Switch 

Sometimes, there is no way to save your job. Unfortunately, when your career is at risk, it would be best to just make the switch to a new position. The reason you’re not connected or perhaps underperforming at the job could be because you’re on the verge of a burnout. If this is the case, choosing a more suitable career or organization would be the best move. 

Looking for more tips on how to survive the post-COVID-19 job market? Share them with us in the comments section below! 

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