A List of Office Gift Exchange Ideas and Where to Get Them

A List of Office Gift Exchange Ideas and Where to Get Them

29 Oct 09:00 by Xin Wei


It is November, and you know what is just around the corner! Christmas, and gift-giving, Secret Santa, presents, and celebrations. It might be the happiest month of the year, and it can also be the more worrisome month of the year because you don’t know what to get for your colleague for Secret Santa! Gift-giving should be a stress-free task, it should be fun. 


So don’t you worry, as BGC Group has got you covered with this list of quirky office gifts that you can get for your Secret Santa partner. We have sorted the list out according to Myers-Briggs Personality Types, so you don’t have to worry that the gift may not be suitable for your introverted colleague.


1. Foodie Dice


Do you know that colleague that can’t seem to be able to make up their mind when it comes to lunchtime or that colleague that struggles to decide on what to cook for dinner for the day? This gift is great for them, they can just roll the dice and voila, the answer to the question of “what’s for lunch” is presented to them. You wouldn’t have to deal with the “I-don’t-knows” again!

Who is this for:

  • ENFPs who tend to change their mind rather quickly and easily with some things because when they are experiencing something new, they tend to consider all options before settling into a decision.

  • ESFJs who tend to be a bit indecisive about some things, and would most likely consider different options before coming to a conclusion

  • ESTPs who tend to change their mind easily because they live from moment to moment, they don’t get hung up on the future so they don’t really plan for their meals, this dice would be great for them because they can let the dice make the choices for them

2. Mini Wacky Inflatable Tube Guy

This mini wacky inflatable tube guy is definitely a need to get for that colleague who loves mini moments of laughter and joy in a hectic day. The mini-inflatable tube guy, whom I named Bob, can be used on happy days where you want to celebrate the success of a project, or on sad days where things are tough. Bob is your go-to desk companion as he is so versatile for any occasion. He uses a battery to power up the waving and can be taken out at any time you find him annoying.

Who is this for:

  • This gift is wonderful for the majority of the personality types, though it might not be the gift for personality types who are known to be hardworking at work, such as ESTJ and ENTJ, because they would prefer to focus on the task at hand and to not be distracted.

3. Take-away boxes