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Why Employer Branding Works For Recruiting Tech Talents in Malaysia

Why Employer Branding Works For Recruiting Tech Talents in Malaysia

08 Oct 08:00 by HR & Management Blogs


As an informed HR, you know that employer branding is the tool companies are investing in so as to recruit tech talent in Singapore. Unfortunately, securing buy-in from management is proving a challenge.

What do you do? From our interactions with management teams across industries, we’ve found that engaging them at their level is what works best whenever you’re proposing something. So, in this article, we’re sharing five tactics you can use to make a solid pitch for employer branding. Pick any of these or mix them up to create a custom tactic. When ready, schedule that meeting and present your case with confidence.


5 Valuable Tactics to Convince Management to Invest in Employer Branding

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Data is important when dealing with management and so you’ll need to do your homework well. Also, management usually decides on the basis of costs vs. savings, risks vs. returns. For that reason, present your case in the form of a problem and the solution, and show how the business will cut down costs and increase revenue. With that in mind, here are the tactics you can implement.


1. Discuss the Effects of the Changing Labor Market

The labor market is changing and that affects your ability to hire the tech talents your company needs. To get management to consider employer branding, present research data which shows that: