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Telecommunications Recruitment | Executive Search Outsourcing in Malaysia

Are you looking for contract candidates for all your telecom project? Or hiring a permanent member to boost your telecom business?

The telecommunications industry is continuously growing with new players popping up every year. With vital role in the world’s economy, demand for talents in this industry is on the rise.

BGC Group Malaysia understands the growing demands for telecom candidates and our recruitment team in Malaysia has the best resources to help our clients reach out to industry talents.  Our Malaysia Telecoms recruitment specialists constantly survey the market to keep up with changing trends and created a database of diverse candidates from junior specialist to senior-level executives.

Our telecommunications recruitment specialist are here to help!

Browsing through multiple job portals and screening through hundreds of resumes can be tedious, so why strain your HR team? Armed with our industry knowledge and a huge databank of skilled candidates over the years at our disposal, our Malaysia recruitment team is ready to handle your need of the hour.  

Our BGC Group Malaysia recruitment team is ready to get your the candidate you need to move your strategies and attain your business goals. With our digitalised processes and refined operations, our recruitment specialist can screen for the perfect employee within a week.

So drop us your job description and our recruiters will get to work immediately.

List of Malaysia recruitment services available at BGC Group Malaysia

We help employers make better recruitment decisions so that they can enhance the strength of their Malaysia telecommunication workforce with the talents they need for their organisations. We also care to streamline the Malaysia recruitment process for employers so that they can hire more efficiently and effectively.

Here are just some of our recruitment outsourcing services to employers in Malaysia:


  • Malaysia job market intelligence 
  • job attraction and candidate sourcing
  • cv screening and shortlisting
  • interview scheduling and coordination 
  • compensation package negotiation and offering
  • recruiter on demand

Get in touch with us for a recruitment outsourcing solution specifically tailored to meet your organisation's business manpower needs in Malaysia. 

Telecommunications Recruitment | Executive Search Outsourcing in Malaysia