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Executive search & recruitment

To talent hunt executives

The search for the right executive talent is never transitory, but a continuous mission - and you're in need of highly capable teammates, permanently, for the long run.

Our dedication to recruitment is not just in Kuala Lumpur (KL), it encompasses every part of Malaysia. We go beyond just manpower outsourcing, we will headhunt for the right talent that will improve our clients' success.

Our experienced staffing headhunters are constantly keeping pulse with the latest manpower market trends, and keeping an eye out for quality talents. 

Our team can assist you with:

  • Malaysia job market intelligence 

  • job attraction and candidate sourcing

  • cv screening and shortlisting

  • interview scheduling and coordination 

  • compensation package negotiation and offering

  • recruiter on demand

Get in touch with us for a HR recruitment solution specifically tailored to meet your organisation's business manpower needs in Malaysia. 

Contract & temporary staff

To hire contract & temporary staff

Is your business expecting a serious peak recruitment season or a nationwide campaign? 

Are you in need of temporary manpower for your project for an even longer consuming operation?

Before we start laying out the HR groundwork, we are prepared to sit with you to understand your manpower staffing needs down to a T. 

The dynamic manpower help that we find you will complement your regular staff and give you and your team an extra boost in productivity when the workload gets heavy.

Along with talent sourcing, our HR recruitment outsourcing solutions also cover

  • Payroll - timely computing and distribution of wages

  • HR compliance - employment laws and benefits for your staff

  • Medical and insurance coverage

Keep your mind off the hassle. Your previously mundane and tedious administrative & payroll workload is in our good hands (with automation of course.)

Get in touch with us for HR recruitment & administrative solutions tailored for your organisation's specific needs!

HR Admin & Payroll Solutions

To offer the best-fit HR Administrative & Payroll solutions

Share your employer risks with a trustworthy co-employer who will manage your HR administration. You manage strategy.

Now we all know that payroll processing is a tediously painful process for HRs everywhere.

Why not consider outsourcing this? We have confidently placed highly skilled candidates with countless of our happy MNC clients and as one of KL's top HR outsourcing recruitment agency for the various sectors. 

Along with talent sourcing in Malaysia, our HR Administrative & Payroll solutions cover:

  1. employer of record (EOR): as the co-employer, bgc takes care of all HR matters from onboarding to offboarding

  2. payroll processing & financing: timely payroll calculation, accurate billing, salary financing, and distribution of wages

  3. HR compliance: Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) employment laws and benefits for your staff

  4. medical and insurance coverage

  5. secure data protection: managed cybersecurity coverage on all hosting, security and infrastructure

Your previously mundane and tedious administrative workloads are in our good hands (with automation of course!)

Get in touch with us for HR Administrative & Payroll solutions tailored to your organisation's specific needs!​

Our Testimonials

Cindy, thank you so much for your partnership on this important project.
I know it was hectic and with lots of last minute requests but I was amazed by your great understanding of our situation and commitment to support us.
The people we have onboarded previous weeks are...

Head of Recruitment
Travel Tech Client

Lucas was our recruitment consultant over the past couple of months, and his quality of service has been nothing short of excellent. Working with him has been a tremendous joy. I was amazed by his spirit of excellence and efficiency! Many times I have reached out to him on a...

HR Associate
Global Management Consultancy Client

BGC has been very supportive and cooperative in helping us meet our manpower needs and requirements. We have managed to fill our most difficult vacancies this year with their help. Excellent job BGC!

HR Manager
Insurance Client

From the time we engaged BGC to assist us in sourcing to fulfill our hiring needs, we have never disappointed. They were able to meet our requirements and deadlines without fail. They accept our feedback/criticism with an open mind and deliver results as promised. It’s always a pleasure to work...

Talent Acquisition
Booking App Client

The recruitment consultant - Muhammed Shamil bin Suleiman is very friendly, helpful and responsive. Although not all profiles provided are successfully shortlisted for interview or hiring, he still positively sources other potential candidates to fulfill the requirement.


Been working with them especially Andrew Ng & Cindy Woon for company project. They were very responsive and helpful when ever we need their assistance. The diligence and dedication demonstrated by the team was impressive. Thank you for your contribution and we hope that you can maintain the same excellent...


I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards my consultant Ms Wong Chee Sem. She have been very patience and helpful throughout the process of me getting a job. She have been very responsive to all my queries through text and calls which hardly find from...

Local Jobseeker