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Executive search & recruitment

To talent hunt executives

The quest for talent is never transitory, but a continuous mission - and you're in need of highly capable teammates, permanently, for the long run.

Our dedication to recruitment goes beyond just manpower outsourcing.

Our experienced staffing teammates are constantly keeping pulse with the latest labour market trends, and keeping an eye out for quality talents. 

Get in touch with us for a HR solution specifically tailored to meet your organisation's business needs. 

Contract & temporary staff

To hire contract & temporary staff

Is your business expecting a serious peak season or a nationwide campaign? 

Are you in need of temporary manpower for your project for an even longer consuming operation?

Before we start laying out the groundwork, we are prepared to sit with you to understand your manpower needs down to a T. 

The dynamic help that we find you will complement your regular staff and give you an extra boost in productivity when the workload gets heavy.

Along with talent sourcing, our HR outsourcing solutions also cover

  • Payroll - timely computing and distribution of wages
  • HR compliance - employment laws and benefits for your staff
  • Medical and insurance coverage

Keep your mind off the hassle. Your previously mundane and tedious administrative workload is in our good hands (with automation of course.)

Get in touch with us for HR solutions tailored for your organisation's specific needs!

HR Consulting & Advisory

To offer the best-fit HR solutions

Our relationships are built on trust between employers and talent. 

To ensure you find the right fit, we will partner closely with you to understand how your business stands in your industry, and how having the right talents change everything for the better.

Your HR solutions package could potentially include:

  • Profiling assessment tools (TCT)

  • Training & development

  • Business HR solutions/ management

  • Redundancy & restructure management

  • Performance appraisals & improvements

  • Salary benchmarking, compensations & rewards

  • HR for SME & new businesses

  • Industrial Relations

Talk to us to find out about the talent solutions that your business needs to move ahead of the rest.