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HR Admin & Payroll Parking Services in Malaysia

HR Payroll & Admin Solution In Malaysia

Implementing a good HR & payroll process can power teams by automating timesheet approval and reporting processes that would otherwise be manual and tedious.

HR solutions for efficient HRMS are incredibly sought after in the marketplace with companies in Malaysia identifying and solving some of the most menial problems faced by the HR departments of many corporations today. 

BGC Group Malaysia provides end-to-end HR solutions - we target different gaps and pitfalls inherent in the organisational structures of companies in Malaysia to develop intuitive HR solutions that can reduce operational costs and labour, resulting in effective and efficient HR Solution in Malaysia. 

Is your company experiencing inaccuracies and inconsistencies in payroll and parking administration? As a HR solutions agency in Malaysia with strong roots in HR administration, we want to help you manage your payroll administration effectively and accurately so that you can focus on developing strategy in your organisation. 

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You need HR Payroll Parking & HR Administration Sevices

Share the risks you experience in your HR department with a trustworthy co-employer who will manage your HR administration and improve your system’s process. You manage strategy.

Now we all know that payroll processing is a tediously painful process for HRs everywhere.
Why not consider outsourcing this time-consuming aspect? 

BGC Group Malaysia does more than streamline HR process - we have also confidently placed highly skilled candidates with countless of happy MNC clients in Malaysia's private sector, and are Malaysia's leading HR & manpower solutions agency for companies in Malaysia's government sector.

Along with specialist sourcing in Malaysia, have our own in house technology WECARE™ HR outsourcing  solutions cover:

  1. employer of record (EOR): as the co-employer, BGC Group takes care of all your outsourced employee’s HR system matters from onboarding to offboarding
  2. payroll processing & financing: timely payroll calculation, accurate billing, salary financing, and distribution of wages
  3. HR compliance: employment laws and benefits for your staff
  4. medical and insurance coverage
  5. foreign talent quota management 

Reinvent Your HR operations Efficiency With Us 

Your previously mundane and tedious administrative workloads are in our good hands (with automation of course!)

Get in touch with us for HR solutions tailored to your organisation's specific needs!​

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