Hr & manpower outsourcing in Malaysia

HR & Manpower Outsourcing in Malaysia

Need a Customised End-to-End Malaysia recruitment & HR Outsourcing Solution?

Did you know? Outsourcing your Malaysia contract recruitment and HR functions can help your businesses in Malaysia to minimise risks involved with manual contract labour, and lighten up focus on administrative processes.

In every HR department, staff not just are tasked with the contract or temporary recruitment of new employees, they need to oversee the several administrative functions - from payroll to employee leave management. Outsourcing these functions to a specialised contract manpower outsourcing agency in Malaysia can support the organisation’s bottom line.

As an international recruitment & HR outsourcing agency in Malaysia, BGC Group Malaysia identifies and develops effective solutions to support the organisational structures and reduce general inefficiencies in companies. From contract & temporary recruitment planning and management to payroll parking and HR general services, companies come to us for quality outsourcing solutions. 

Does your company require efficient support in managing your contract & temporary hiring and HR administrative processes? If you are looking to outsource several of your HR services in Malaysia, consult our team today. 

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You need help with Recruitment & HR Operations in Malaysia

Is your business expecting a serious peak recruitment season or a long term project in Malaysia with huge manpower requirements? ​Are you in need of temporary staffs in Malaysia for your upcoming business strategy for an even longer consuming operation?

Before we start laying out the groundwork, we are prepared to sit with you to understand your manpower needs down to a T. 

Our HR & Manpower outsourcing capabilities allow us to efficiently accommodate a full range of HR duties and functions that will help you yield better cost savings as a business in Malaysia. 

This is made possible with reliable, automated HR processes backed by our in house technology, WECARE™ . 
Along with mass recruitment, our HR outsourcing solutions in Malaysia also cover:

  • employer of record (EOR):  as the co-employer, bgc group Malaysia takes care of all HR matters from onboarding to offboarding
  • HR compliance: Malaysia employment laws and benefits for your staff
  • medical and insurance coverage
  • onboarding & contract management
  • time attendance tracking: Tracking of daily clocked-in attendance 
  • leave & claims expense management: Managing leave and expense claims
  • payroll processing & financing: timely processing and distribution of wages

Quality Malaysia Recruitment & HR Outsourcing Solutions

When you outsource the necessary HR services in your business to service providers like us in Malaysia, you can refocus your business strategy in the long run. Your otherwise tedious administrative tasks are in technology's good hands.

Get in touch with us for HR solutions tailored to your organisation's specific needs in Malaysia.

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