C++ Engineer - KL Eco City

Location: KL Eco City
Job Type: Permanent
Benefits: NA
Sector: Information Technology
Contact Email:
Salary: To be negotiated

Job responsibilities:

  • Participate in software design and design;
  • According to the development schedule and task assignment, complete the design, development and programming tasks of the corresponding module software;
  • Wrote relevant technical documents and participated in the improvement of specifications and procedures;
  • Able to respond quickly and deal with online problems in a timely manner;
  • Able to work under pressure and be responsible for work;


  • Computer related major, with 3 years or above development experience.
  • Proficient in C++ language, proficient in program development under Windows, proficient in common algorithms and data structures.
  • Proficient in multi process, multi thread, lock and event mechanism programming, familiar with the use of DLL library, familiar with TCP/UDP protocol, socket and other network programming.
  • Proficient in using VC/C++ and other programming tools, familiar with the use of common libraries under Windows.
  • Proficient in SVN or GIT and other version management tools.
  • Strong ability of independent thinking, learning and problem solving.
  • Experience in foreign exchange, mt4, mt5, precious metal trading, capital trading, financial management and asset management system development is preferred.